Whooo are we?

Whooo Wants Waffles? is a food truck operating in Fayette County, KY. We are striving to become a staple in downtown Lexington and beyond by offering the traditional Belgian waffle experience. Our aim is to be the best part of every customer’s day, by providing the best product paired with the best service possible. We are available for corporate events, weddings and parties in addition to our normal operation throughout Lexington.

At the heart of the business are traditional Liege-style waffles made fresh from homemade dough. We use local ingredients where possible including Weisenberger Mills flour and import our pearl sugar from a co-op of Belgian beet farmers. The waffle is available with a variety of toppings including chocolate, nutella, peanut butter bananas and strawberries, whipped cream and powdered sugar. We will also be offering several flavors of Sav’s Chill local ice cream and gelato which can be paired with a waffle or purchased individually. We offer a small beverage menu including sodas and cold-brew coffee.